Our Mission

“Encouraging healthy choices through education and empowerment”

Global Naturopathy is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 by Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Matina Chronopoulou. It is committed to education, well-being research and holistic health by providing guidance, and tools anchored in Ancient Greek traditions and cutting- edge science for mind body and spirit.

The organization aims to empower personal transformation by inspiring individuals as they learn about Naturopathy, Traditional and Complementary Medicine employing local plants, natural medicines, and culinary traditions.

Global Naturopathy exists to improve health for everyone, we provide an integrative approach to well -being through the awareness of the impact of nature on humanity, alternative medicine and nutrition.

Our therapeutic strategy draws from natural, effective, and holistic products that contain therapeutic constituents from wild plants native to Greece, food used in traditional Greek cuisine, and organic essential oils promoting healing and wellness from mother nature.

We Want To

Improve health and thrive through awareness

Champion research and education through change.

Advance global responses to pandemics through naturopathy.

Let’s build something together.

Global Naturopathy
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