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“Encouraging healthy choices through education and empowerment”

Global Naturopathy is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 by Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Matina Chronopoulou. It is committed to education, well-being research and holistic health by providing guidance, and tools anchored in Ancient Greek traditions and cutting-edge science for mind body and spirit.

The organization aims to empower personal transformation by inspiring individuals as they learn about Naturopathy, Traditional and Complementary Medicine employing local plants, natural medicines, and culinary traditions.

Global Naturopathy exists to improve health for everyone, we provide an integrative approach to well-being through the awareness of the impact of nature on humanity, alternative medicine and nutrition.

Our therapeutic strategy draws from natural, effective, and holistic products that contain therapeutic constituents from wild plants native to Greece, food used in traditional Greek cuisine, and organic essential oils promoting healing and wellness from mother nature.

We Want To

Improve health and thrive through awareness

Champion research and education through change.

Advance global responses to pandemics through naturopathy.

Board of Directors

Founding Director:
Dr Matina Chronopoulou
is a practising Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, and Bioresonance Therapist. She has been involved with natural therapies since the late 70s. Since 1995, she has run the Centre for Natural Medicine and Acupuncture, in Athens Greece, focusing on naturopathic therapeutics, nutritional medicine, lifestyle modification, botanical medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences, and energy medicine. She lectures and teaches when not seeing clients. She specializes in educational workshops and seminars for professionals sharing her knowledge on the traditional Mediterranean healing diet, herbal walks and herbal retreats in the Greek countryside. She has presented scientific papers around the world and has contributed regular articles to natural health magazines, newspapers, television and radio talk programs over the past twenty-five years. Most recently, she is a columnist for the Huffington Post.

Partnering Organization:
Peliti Non-Profit Organization & Olympic Seed Festival
Alternative community and non-profit organization Peliti is a 100% voluntary and non-profit organization dedicated to local seed saving. Since 1995, the organization has worked for the protection of agricultural biodiversity, by collecting, cultivating and disseminating seeds of traditional varieties, as well as, by raising awareness in Greece and beyond. The movement was founded by Mr Panagiotis Saitanoudis. Since its creation, Peliti has been organizing expeditions in Greece to collect seeds from traditional and local varieties, trying to make them widely known and used all over Greece, to protect local biodiversity and enhance food sovereignty.
Peliti’s activities target amateurs but also professional users, allowing them to get free samples of seeds from local varieties, to test on their lands. Targeting professional farmers and seed producers is the key point for regaining national and
sustainable food sovereignty.
More info at: https://peliti.gr

Ms Olga Konstantinidis is a managing partner of the KO Capital Investment Group LLC. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University, major Public Relations /Minor: Interdisciplinary Studies, she graduated Cum Laude in December 2009 from Edison State College, Fort Myers, FL and also holds an Associates Degree of Science in Paralegal Studies and Associates Degree of Science.


Dr. Souha Akiki:
President and Founder of “Innovative Knowledge Institute” and” Paris Graduate School” Dr. Akiki is a natural communicator, motivator and leader. She has a rich and varied background spanning a 30-year period in academia including Director level positions in Administration and Finance. In her various roles as a Strategic Developer, Leader, Academic Director, Author and Mentor. Concurrently with management positions held at academic institutions. Souha has lectured on subjects such as Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and International Relations. Whether in academic or corporate environments: Souha embraces the challenges and enjoys the diversity of working with international profiles. Member of the Panel at UNESCO on October 5, 2011 “The World Teacher’s Day” Holding a Doctorate in International Relations, specialised in “The Challenges of brain-based learning” and an Master’s in Business Administration. Souha organized conferences: “January 2013 on Iran nuclear situation versus the Saudi fundamentalists Salafists”. Another conference on April 2012 was organized on “the French intervention in Mali and the economic and business post-war”.

Dr. George Loukas, MD, Psychiatrist, PhD:
Dr Loukas was born in Greece on the 4th of July 1963. He practices homoeopathy since 1982 and has introduced the unifying theory of diathesis. He is the author of the Unifying Theory of Constitution which presents a unified theoretical medical model of constitution based on the comparative study of the homoeopathic theory of chronic diseases combined with the theory of psychoanalytic fixations, Pavlov’s typology, the Hippocratic theory of humours and the four elements of Plato and Embedocles.

He has created the method of “Cognitive Homeopathy” which he has taught to special groups of therapists. Since 1995 he has given numerous seminars in Russia and Ukraine, attended by hundreds of doctors. Dr Loukas has collaborated with People’s Friendship University in Moscow in the post-educational seminars of the Department of Homeopathy.

He has designed hundreds of new homoeopathic medicines, many of which have constituted a case study and their characteristics have been recorded.
The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences awarded to Georgios Loukas the Pavlov Prize in November 2000 for the designing and clinical applications of new homoeopathic remedies. He has also been elected an honorary member of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions.
He has published the following books:

  • “Study of the psyche of homoeopathic medicines, Volume 1 and 2”.
  • “Roots – principles for a unification of the human sciences” Medicum Publications.
  • “Periodic table and homoeopathy”
  • “Cognitive Homeopathy: A new system of practising homoeopathy”
  • REPERTORY “ORGANON 2001”. Computer software published in English and Greek.


Dr. Christos Beretas, MSc, PhD
Dr Christos Beretas holds a PhD degree in Cyber Security from the Innovative Knowledge Institute (Paris Graduate School) in Paris, a Master of Science Degree in Technology Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Networking and Telecommunications from City University of Seattle, USA. He is a Cyber Security Professor at the Paris Graduate School and researcher at the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research in Washington, D.C. Dr Beretas was also a research fellow in cyber security at the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence in Lithuania.


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