Rana Haddad

Matina Chronopoulou’s most beautiful ability to heal others radiates from her generous and gentle heart. The love that she feels in her heart when she’s working with people is the most powerful healing mechanism which she feels we humans have for health and for healing one another. Matina is not just another neighborhood alternative therapist who has mastered one discipline and decided that all solutions must be found through it. Her endless curiosity and drive has led her to master many healing disciplines and not only so that she can practice them but also become a teacher. She’s not only a naturopath, nor only a homeopath, or only an acupuncturist or bioresonance therapist, nor only a nutritionist. She is all these fields of healing combined and always on a path of discovering more links and connections between western and eastern healing modalities, modern and ancient, from China to, Germany, to ancient Greece. She’s a healer and a teacher and an eternal student who sees the human mind and body as part of nature and therefore whose healing comes from harmony with nature [both inner and outer]. Healing to her is not a business but a passion and a vocation. She wants her patients to heal and not to come back to her again and again, but rather to understand their own bodies with her guidance, so that they can heal themselves. A rare gem who doesn’t stop learning and is on a life-long journey of discovery.

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