Matina Chronopoulou talks about the Revival of Natural Medicine

Marilyn Harding was invited to visit the village of Kremasti in the heart of the Hellenic Republic in Lakonia by educator & naturopath Matina Chronopoulou. The native villagers here live to be well over 90 and 100 years old without once having been to a modern doctor.

The remarkable thing about this particular village are the ones that emigrated to far away lands from Australia to California and everywhere in between returning. They are driven by the need to fulfill the promises they made as they departed to one day return and give back to the village they left behind. They are rebuilding their ancestral homes, raising money to improve the infrastructure, roads, water, parks, not for tourism (very little available rooms for rent if any) but to re-build a community and become part of it once again.

They are honoring their ancestors by reviving the traditional village and passing it on to the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They are creating a living legacy by supporting the best of what this land and its people have to offer.

Our greatest asset can be found in the diaspora. We all need to return to our country at least once a year for extended periods and give back to this land that has given us and the world so much.

Reviving Natural medicine in the Land of Hippocrates – 1

Reviving Natural medicine in the Land of Hippocrates – 2

Reviving Natural medicine in the Land of Hippocrates – 3

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